“I am passionate about the synergy that occurs when concerned individuals come together to wrestle with real world issues. Climate change is no longer simply a physical phenomenon, the impacts of earth’s changing climate are being felt simultaneously in social, political, ethical, cultural, environmental, and economic spheres. Real collaborative effort, among those with disparate opinions, is possible and can occur when people are willing to listen deeply, tap into their innate knowing, evaluate options fairly and maintain a sense of curiosity about the other perspectives at the table.”

Over the course of my 35 years of experience as a facilitator and mediator, I have led complex multi-stakeholder initiatives and multi-party disputes.  My interest in conflict resolution began in 1974 at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Austria. A think tank, set up to initiate détente between the USA and the USSR. I had recently graduated with a degree in physical education and offered collaborative games as a way for scientists and visiting diplomats to build rapport.

I still love to bring a sense of play to my work even when working with complex and seemingly intractable problems: sustainability, climate change, social justice, and the cumulative effects of resource extraction.

Growing up with a chemistry professor father and a social worker mother meant there were always interesting conversations at the dinner table; visiting experts on air quality control, miners, photographers, anthropologists, and health care professionals. Early on I learned to listen carefully as there always seemed to be so much to learn. I also learned that when an opinion was expressed, it would be questioned extensively, so be prepared!

My varied career has offered me many exciting opportunities in North America and Europe. In recent years my focus has been on building decision support processes for complex projects. I work with multi-discipline, multi-interest groups who recognize that they must find the tools, skills, and resources to communicate effectively, plan for, and implement real change.

For the future we all can live in, we will need to collaborate in a profound and connected way. My goal is to hold the space for those with different experience, expertise and ways of knowing to integrate their differing perspectives and build the synergies to discover their shared purpose and goals.