Why Climate Change Mediation




Climate change is no longer simply a physical phenomenon, the impacts of earth’s changing climate are being felt simultaneously in social, political, ethical, cultural, environmental, and economic spheres. I work with multi-discipline, multi-interest groups who recognize that they must find the tools, skills, and resources to communicate effectively, plan for, and implement real change.

Effective collaboration is more than just working together. It is too easy to ignore the difficult conversation, engage with those whose point of view is radically different, or even to express our passionate differences. Most of us have experience sitting in meetings where someone drones on, asks for our input, and then leaves to make their own decision. Such behaviour is not sustainable and as a result any initiatives that arises out of such a project has a diminished likelihood of success. I work beyond sustainable solutions to merge the motivation and means to achieve regenerative goals; to give back and to build a path forward.

For the future we all can live in, we will need to collaborate, in a profound and connected way. Our goal is to integrate the differing perspectives and build the synergies to make your shared goals reality.

My custom solutions for collaboration transcend organizational departments, cultures, differing levels of education and socio-economic status. I work with professional advisors and client teams to facilitate the creation of systems to release the inherent group synergy and realize mutual goals.  As a result, new solutions arise to maximize effective, fair and lasting relationships between sectors and stakeholders.

My regenerative mediation approach is particularly effective for projects where dialogue is needed to balance land use, water use, environmental, economic, social and cultural interests. I have the expertise to design processes to resolve disputes involving resource extraction, climate change adaptation, indigenous community governance, and the many other complex multi-party issues that require effective communication, knowledge sharing, and dispute resolution. My clients benefit through the creation of the shared value, only possible with collaborative effort.



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